Application DAW routing = virtual remote production hub

Transform any Mac OSX-based DAW into a virtual remote-production hub by routing any sound-oriented software application in full duplex to any other audio application—from mono to 7.1.

It’s all in the box, thanks to direct routing with our AAX, VST, and AU plugins.

Our world class Solutions team can design your perfect remote workflow setup.

The most reliable solutions

Since 2005, our application DAW routing solutions are the gold standard for the film & TV, music, podcast, and audiobook industries—empowering media professionals around the world to collaborate seamlessly over the internet in real time and in stunning fidelity.

Products for application DAW routing workflows


Time to be powerful

Integrate and route HD audio from anywhere across applications & devices.
Meet your new digital patch bay. Application DAW routing is a breeze when you can turn any audio software into an AAX, VST, or AU plugin.

Route external software apps and conferencing platforms to and from each other, even route between workstations like Pro Tools and Logic.

Do it all without plugging in a single patch cord.