Time to be powerful.

Integrate and route HD audio from anywhere across applications & devices.

Stream audio in real time between your DAW and any meet and chat applications like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or any other audio application like iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube.

When you can collaborate with creatives or talent around the world as if they’re in the same room, the possibilities are limitless.

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Make physical connections a thing of the past

Keep HD audio in the digital domain without hardware. Source-Nexus brings flexible routing capabilities to your system, thanks to a robust Core Audio driver and plugins for AAX, VST, and Audio Units.

Expand the tools in your creative palette

Integrate unlimited virtual devices into your system with multiple Source-Nexus “Aux tracks.” Patch all of your audio apps whether you’re tracking, mixing, or layering effects, send to, receive from and across.

From mono to surround, the potential is infinite

Supporting mono or multi-channel for up to 64 channels and configurations up to 7.1. Record remote tracks directly into any DAW/NLE and playback with just about any platform, from phone applications to Source-Connect Pro X to clients viewing on Source-Live.

Extend your DAW

Power your rig with direct, real-time integration with virtually any application, driver, or audio hardware—no cables, no hassles. With our AAX, VST, and AU plug-ins, Source-Nexus allows you to send or record audio with any application directly to or from your timeline, all in real-time.

VO Artists

Great voice-over artists are ready to take any gig, at any time. Source-Nexus lets you consolidate external applications and communications systems into one simple DAW template, where everything you need is just a click away.

Musicians & Composers

Bring synths and tone generators directly into your DAW with Source-Nexus digital patch bay. Route virtual instrument outputs right to the record track.

Post Production

For every workflow, make audio setups cleaner, simpler, and more shareable with integrated templates. Capture from or send audio to any application or communications system. You can even send audio to built-in or external speakers to reference your mixes in real-world scenarios.

Surprisingly simple setup

Instantiate the Source-Nexus plug-in on an aux track in your DAW.
Set the send and receive audio device in the plug-in.
Set the same devices as your I/O in the external application.

I’ve never physically conducted a live orchestra for any of my work, I’ve always just worked remotely. This time around we used Source-Connect so that we could just lof in and hear the audio as the performers were playing. This is the first time that everybody involved in the scoring process has dialed in from different cities. It was actually a pretty smooth process.

Carlos Rafael Rivera, composer, The Queen’s Gambit

Coming 2 America features a number of surprise special music guests, including Gladys Knight. I was asked to go to Gladys’s trailer and rehearse her part with her. She lives in Vegas and she had done a recording session, which I did a Source-Connect to, so I was able to be a part of that. I decided to have her vocal performance transcribed. So I had the printed music of what she sang. I showed up with the music printed that she had already sung, able to help her know where her inflections were and what she needed to do on camera.

Jermaine Stegall, composer, Coming2America


Your DAW’s audio application router. On overdrive.
  • Virtual system audio driver
  • Control panel app
  • Native 64-bit AAX Support
  • 64 bit VST & AU Support
  • Up to 192 kHz and 7.1 surround

$11.95 / month +

$295 perpetual +

macOS, Windows coming soon
Simultaneously send and receive audio between multiple applications and your DAW in real-time
Access any Core Audio device, virtual and hardware, directly from the plug-in
Create up to 100 virtual audio devices, with up to 64 channels and custom names
Up to 192 kHz sample rate and 7.1 surround
64-bit AAX, AU, and VST3 support
iLok 2/3 and machine activation support



Perpetual licenses do not expire. You have no further obligation to pay support or upgrade fees, except when you require those services. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time without penalty.

Existing licenses please contact support for a customized plan

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